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Mentoring Women* Writers

Do you dream about publishing your own book, but feel overwhelmed by all the self-publishing options out there? 
Lilith House Press has simple solutions to make your dream a reality. 

*Why the asterisk? Because we welcome women-identified writers too. 

Who We Are

Anna Blake


Words are powerful. How we speak of ourselves and our dreams are the creative spark that lights the future. I know how precious that light is and how important our diverse voices are to the collective conversation. Too many of us hold our tongues, thinking we’re being polite when the world needs our truth. Writing is the art of molding our voices to say just the exact thing we mean, with honesty and vulnerability, and sometimes a little humor. Please, take your writing seriously. Whether the world ever reads us or not, it’s past time that we give our own words the respect they deserve.

Anna Blake is the award-winning author of seven books, all of them independently published: 
·         Stable Relation: A memoir of one woman’s spirited journey home.
·         Relaxed & Forward: Relationship advice from your horse.
·         Barn Dance: Nickers, brays, bleats, howls, and quacks: Tales from the herd.
·         Horse Prayers: Poems from the prairie.
·         Going Steady: More Relationship Advice from Your Horse.

.         Horse. Woman. Poems from Our Lives

.         Undomesticated Women: Anecdotal Evidence from the Road

Anna writes and travels, educating humans and horses in the fine art of communication, giving horse training clinics and writing workshops in the U.S. and internationally.  A horse advocate, blogger at Relaxed & Forward, and public speaker, she's at home at Infinity Farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado, with a multi-species herd of horses, llamas, goats, dogs, and our moral compass, Edgar Rice Burro.


Crissi McDonald

Crissi McDonald wrote her first book when she was eight years old, setting the stage for a lifelong love of words. Often she could write what she couldn't bring herself to speak. Throughout her life, she's had the good fortune to be mentored by strong women who used their voices to express themselves with power and honesty. It's with their memories in her mind and heart that she seeks to do the same, now with her voice as well as her words. 

Besides being mesmerized by words, she has spent her life also mesmerized by horses. This has led to a career as an internationally known equine clinician for over a decade. She's spent the past thirty years teaching and mentoring other riders.


After earning her degree in Philosophy with a minor in German with an English emphasis, she continued writing stories and poems, filling notebooks with words. Currently, she writes a popular monthly blog, wrote a column for a year for the UK magazine The Horsemanship Journal, and is the self-published indie author of three popular books, with her fourth being released in May 2023.

Continuing The Ride: Rebuilding Confidence from the Ground Up (non-fiction/memoir)

Getting Along with Horses: An Evolution in Understanding (non-fiction/horses)

North to Home (fiction/magical realism)

The Clock in the Water (fiction/magical realism)


Crissi's also a published photographer, her work appearing in books and magazines in the U.S. and internationally.

What We Offer

  • Lilith House Press offers two options:

Our Indie publishing kit is for the writer who has a moderate level of technological know-how and can follow written directions well, with minimal guidance from Lilith House Press.

Our Mentor Package offers a more personal and robust experience. Our two self-published authors will act as curators for your book and include on their team people in the industry who do an outstanding job. Included is also access to both Anna and Crissi by email. The final uploading process is also shared by Anna and/or Crissi via Zoom.

Both packages include ISBNs for ebooks, print, and/or audiobook versions, a barcode, a Library of Congress number, and the one-time use of Lilith House Press's imprint. Audiobook coaching is available. We're excited to offer a live online book launch so you can celebrate your achievement!


  • Full Disclosure


Before you go any further, we want to be sure you know about Amazon's KDP Select program. It's the fastest, cheapest way to publish. There are cover templates, you use their ISBN, and uploading is as easy as Facebook. An ebook is available in a day and paperbacks are printed and shipped on demand. Some of the drawbacks are that your book is only available on Amazon, not independent bookstores. The interior layout is done by software so some pages can be wonky. The cover design is done by template, not an original design. If your goals are to give the book to family and friends, this is an easy and inexpensive method. Also, consider this method if you are not interested in the larger book market or if you do not intend to do any marketing.  

Lilith House Press is proud to be a woman-owned, woman-inspired independent 
publishing business that is captivated by the variety and power of our voices. We're passionate about giving a platform for women to be heard. We're committed to working with you to make your book as original as you are. 

We strive to keep our communication clear, our prices reasonable and our options open. If you are a self-motivated author who delights in accomplishing a dream through perseverance and a sense of adventure, you have found your match. 


We realize that there are many options once you decide you'd like to publish your work. As self-published authors, both Anna and Crissi have taken wrong turns, followed trails that lead to nowhere, and had to figure out what worked for them as authors.

Anna shared her pioneering spirit of "I'll do it myself," with Crissi, which inspired the creation of Lilith House Press. Our company was born out of the desire to do better for women authors. We're passionate about sharing that same perspective with other women who desire to not only become authors but more importantly, discover they don't need anyone else's approval to do so.

At Lilith House Press, we are here to guide you. You have 100% of the decision-making power, so we feel it's only fair that you keep 100% of the rights to your work, and 100% of your profits. 

Your voice matters. Let us help you bring it out into the world. 

Are We Right for You?

Do you love learning? Are you passionate about the art of writing? Motivated to craft your book into its best? Lilith House Press can help!

  • Commitment to Raising Women’s Voices

When you work with Lilith House Press, you'll be given clear answers to your self-publishing questions, direct access to editors and designers, and you'll have the final say in how your book looks, sounds, and feels. From your computer screen (or notebook) to selling internationally through online retailers, we're available to help guide each step. We provide the map. You provide the talent, the vision, and the self-motivation to finish your journey.

  • Our Definition of Success

Unlike vanity presses, self-publishing houses, or traditional publishers, we don't measure our own success, or that of our clients, by dollars earned or copies sold. These quantifiable traits, though also important, are secondary to the confidence you will gain as an author.  You will make every decision about your finished manuscript,  seeing it through each stage of its birth with our guidance, and your vision. Success is what we carry on the inside of ourselves. Inside of you, your book is waiting to be born. 

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